luca pecori, video producer

luca pecori, video producer

# 309NMMGGItalian motion graphic designer. Science and Data lover.
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      About luca pecori

      Hi, I'm Luco and I’m a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer based in Milan. I like to tell stories through fun, simple, effective, and catchy videos and animations. I was born and raised in Milan, where I graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2012. Since then I work as a motion designer, animator, and illustrator for studios, agencies, and as a freelancer creating videos and animations for companies, start-ups, NGOs, and individuals. I love craft beer, pizza, football, travel, books, and comics. I like to learn new stuff every day, so at the moment I’m an amateur improv actor, unskilled snowboarder, aspiring padel player, novice gamer, and uncertain pianist. This list is constantly updated. Why the sheep? Sheep are cute, funny, fluffy, lovable, and provide warm wool, all qualities that I also have. In addition, my surname in Italian sounds a lot like “sheep”.

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