Airhead Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Airhead voice for your voice over project.

Seemingly with no care in the world, airhead voices are distracted and silly. It’s not that airhead people are stupid, but rather just scatterbrain. Their thoughts tend to float in the sky, not paying attention to the things down below. It’s also endearing, making it one difficult voice style to pull off.

Info for Airhead voice Voice-overs

Airhead voices are a tone often adopted by people unconcerned with the things happening around them. Often always unfocused, they tend to says things in an unsure way with catchphrases like “um” or “hmmm.” Authentic airheads are dense, unable to read the mood, but still quite cute. It doesn’t seem so, but airhead voices are useful for campaigns and branding. With the right voice actor, this vocal style is ideal and valuable for enticing listeners.

When can you use a Airhead voice over?

You can utilize airhead voices for scripts with humor as an integral part. The funny reactions and actions of a ditzy character are great for ad campaigns, commercials, animation, app promos, and more. Use this tone of voice and see it as a catalyst for better brand recall.

What makes the perfect Airhead voice?

Airhead voices are soft, smooth, and warm. It lacks force, so it somehow has a fluid quality to it. This tone of voice is like a liquid that easily slips through cracks, smoothing it and producing a calming effect. This voice is light, so much so that even listeners feel their thoughts float from their heads. With the silken quality of airhead voices, it opens up your audience, making it easier to entice them. Thus, it’s the voice for when you need a subtle way of convincing.