Alpha Male Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Alpha Male voice for your voice over project.

An alpha male voice is not about the words you say, but how you say them. Often, when men speak softly, they tend to be ignored because the world associates masculinity with dominance. So to master an alpha male voice, you first need to learn how to speak loudly. When you’re bold, people put respect on what you’re saying. Alpha male voices come with different tones depending on the situation, as well as the purpose of the message.

Info for Alpha Male voice Voice-overs

If you want to be heard, you need to use an alpha male voice. Before you start looking for voice actors to cast, make sure you understand the different instances that require this voice. An alpha male voice, like any other, if used in the wrong situation, can communicate the wrong message.

When can you use a Alpha Male voice over?

The audience you are addressing should determine the tone of voice you choose. The tone determines how people will perceive your message. The loudness ad the speed of your speech matters as well. The linguistic style of your voice actor should align with your brand message. An alpha male voice is tricky to pull off because you can find yourself sounding like a nervous beta male without intending to.

What makes the perfect Alpha Male voice?

An alpha male voice should be audible because the goal is to be heard. It should also be confident and humorous. An alpha male shouldn’t shy away from throwing in funny one-liners in their speech.