Announcer Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Announcer voice for your voice over project.

Announcer voices are where it's all about when you need a strong, hard-hitting message that will make ears immediately perk up and audiences take notice.

Info for Announcer voice Voice-overs

There are many styles of announcer voices that you can use to really engage listeners. From the classic deep announcer voice most heard in sports stadiums to the vintage, more higher-pitched sounds of old-time radio, many voice deliveries veer into the style. If your project calls for a voice that's natural, but is immediately attention-grabbing, then look no further than our huge pool of actors and actresses that can deliver exactly the style your want and cover the whole spectrum from subtle to overblown.

When can you use a Announcer voice over?

Announcer voices are really popular across a huge variety of mediums. Video games, film, videos, and animation tend to use more classic announcer voices that harken back to those overdone styles you've heard a million times before. The idea is not to innovate, but to grab the listener's attention and immediately make them understand that what follows is very important. Announcer voices are of course very important in real life as well, and there are many styles you can use in your venue, or perhaps at the beginning of your ad, commercial, or company video. Podcasts frequently employ announcers as well, and they're as much a part of a good podcast's presentation as music, a logo, and an intro.

What makes the perfect Announcer voice?

Typically, announcer voices tend to have a low-ish pitch, with a clear, measured diction that enunciates words slowly and precisely. Announcer voices have evolved to cover many styles and pitches, but clarity remains the most important factor. Male voices tend to sound more authoritative, while female voices tend to have a more calming, serene appeal.