Auctioneer Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Auctioneer voice for your voice over project.

‘Going once, going twice, sold!’ The fast paced, fast talking voice of the avid salesman is one you can't miss in any auction. An auctioneer's voice grabs your attention fast as they try to move the inventory quickly. With brilliant catchphrases, and a unique rhythm, an auctioneer is able to keep up with the numerous buyers as they race along in a chant. The auctioneer's voice is propulsive with the ability to engage their audience in the same way as a musician can with an instrument. With all this fast talking, you can easily be convinced to raise your placard in a fit of excitement.

Info for Auctioneer voice Voice-overs

The voice is clear and not pushy. Due to the fast pace, a lot of filler words are used and words may eventually blur together. This rapid style serves a psychological function. It's like a metronome that keeps your audience in some sort of trance.

When can you use a Auctioneer voice over?

Auctioneer voices are ideal for commercials or ads. You want to lull potential buyers into considering your product. For instance, if you're doing a 5 second YouTube ad, capturing your audience attention is paramount as well as promoting your product. You should be able to make your audience just as excited for the product as you are or even more. You can also use this voice to add some comedy in a cartoon, animation or movie.

What makes the perfect Auctioneer voice?

The voice is rhythmical, embedded with musical and linguistic patterns. The rising intonation, especially when a bid is made, helps to increase the excitement of the buyers. The rhythmic monotone also helps to create a sense of urgency in buyers. Auctioneer voices are also authoritative as they control the sale in an organized 'frenzy' so to speak.

Other info for Auctioneer voice overs

An auctioneer's voice can also be relaxed especially when in a composed function such as a jewelry sale. Auctioneers gauge the level of energy in the room to determine how to control the rhythm of their voice.