Award Acceptance Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Award Acceptance voice for your voice over project.

Have you ever received an award and got called forward to give a speech? The stage is set, everything falls silent and the audience look up at you in anticipation. You look at the award in your hands and clear your throat and you know your voice needs to be robust, authoritative and sophisticated. This voice is the award acceptance voice.

Info for Award Acceptance voice Voice-overs

The thing with an award acceptance voice is it either draws people’s attention towards the speaker or entirely puts them off. It ought to communicate the speaker’s genuine excitement. Come on, you just received an award! What better way to show excitement than letting the joy overflow in your voice? At the same time, the voice is strong enough to show you believe in your abilities.

When can you use a Award Acceptance voice over?

This voice is mostly used in organized events where people have achieved awards. In audio visual productions like movies, the voice over is used to depict the character’s appreciation. The audience could be very diverse ranging from professionals to the general public. It is meant to bring an air of appreciation, strength and happiness.

What makes the perfect Award Acceptance voice?

In most occasions, it is better if the voice over gets done by a voice actress or actor who is familiar with award shows. This voice has a touch of excitement, willpower and just enough comedy or emotion to keep the attention of the audience.

Other info for Award Acceptance voice overs

When using this voice, you may want to include a little humor in your tone so as to ensure the happy ambiance is maintained. Keep it strong yet respectful.