Beauty pageant Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Beauty pageant voice for your voice over project.

Beauty with Brains,' is now an overused, underappreciated, common phrase that perfectly describes this voice. From the Miss World Pageants to the 'Little Miss' children pageants across the country, Beauty Pageant voices have been used to showcase beauty and talent in girls and women across all ages, cultures, and areas.

Info for Beauty pageant voice Voice-overs

This voice can range from sympathetic and humorous to inspirational, depending on the character the beauty queen seeks to portray. Irrespective of where it is used, beauty pageant voices should reflect the model's beauty and elegance while also showcasing their wit and knowledge in the issue discussed.

When can you use a Beauty pageant voice over?

This voice is commonly used in beauty pageants across the world by the models and contestants during the competitions. Beauty pageant voices can also be used outside competitions to give speeches and raise awareness on social issues. These voices are confident but in a way that the audience doesn’t find overbearing.

What makes the perfect Beauty pageant voice?

A laid-back yet informative voice, usually expressing the need to act on a given subject matter with urgency. Sometimes it's soft and reassuring, but there are other times when it's high pitched. The beauty pageant voice should showcase a character's understanding and knowledge of a topic in a way that could help raise awareness and get people behind her, either to help her win the competition or to help in the cause she is advocating for.

Other info for Beauty pageant voice overs

Currently, models in beauty pageants not only have to show their fitness and beauty on the outside, but their compassion and knowledge on factors affecting others. Beauty pageant voices have thus evolved to take this into consideration.