Brat Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Brat voice for your voice over project.

Nobody likes 'em, but somebody's gotta play 'em. Do you have a script that needs the perfect brat voice to bring that unruly firecracker of a kid to life? Then come in and take a look at our awesome brat reads that'll have you unwittingly yelling "Get off my lawn!" before you know it. They're that good.

Info for Brat voice Voice-overs

Brat voices have had a place of honor (or is it infamy?) in fiction since time immemorial. Remember Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, or Dennis the Menace — two peas in a pod if we've ever seen 'em. But, as much as those characters bring to mind images of mischief, cherry bombs in toilets, and general mayhem, the world of brats actually runs much deeper. Nasty behavior and a snotty, entitled demeanor have a place of dishonor in literary tradition. From Hamlet himself to Huckleberry film, authors the world over have made memorable little jerks part and parcel of any story. While brats may not always be the protagonists, if you have a script that needs to give a voice to a kid so smart-alecky that you get PTSD flashbacks of rolled newspapers, we've got just the right reads for you.

When can you use a Brat voice over?

Some brats you love, others you love to hate. Brat voices cover the whole spectrum, from lovable scamps to villanous impertinents whom we love to see fail. Whether you need to voice 'em brats for a commercial, TV show, animation short, video game, or something else, we've got the full spectrum of brat voices to make your ideal little punk come to annoying life.

What makes the perfect Brat voice?

Generally high-pitched, very young, nasal, immature, cocky and extremely sure ot itself.