Buddy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Buddy voice for your voice over project.

When you spend a lot of time with someone to the point that you become close friends, you speak to each other in a buddy voice. A buddy is someone who understands who you are beyond the surface. Someone who knows what you’re thinking or how you feel before you even speak. Buddy voices should be friendly because that is how close friends speak to each other.

Info for Buddy voice Voice-overs

Life is more comfortable when you have a close friend you can count on. A buddy voice should, therefore, be concerned and have the other person’s interest at heart. That is why you need a voice actor who is authentic and flexible. The audience will notice if the voice actor is trying too hard to depict a buddy voice.

When can you use a Buddy voice over?

A buddy voice can target just about anyone because we all need a support system. Even people who don’t have close friends can relate to a buddy voice because affection is something all of us crave. You can cast any age or gender as long as you have your target audience in mind. People have buddies from when they’re kids up to the time they’re old and grey.

What makes the perfect Buddy voice?

A buddy voice is characterized by compassion, gentleness, intimacy, and affection. Hence, a buddy voice should exhibit that the person speaking can be a reliable support system. It can also be funny and mischievous in a friendly manner.