Bully Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Bully voice for your voice over project.

For most people, the assumption is that bullies are only inschools. However, bullies can also exist in workplaces and at home. A bully voice is condescending because their main objective is to establish power. We have all witnessed bullying at one point in our lives. A bully voice is a definitive antagonist because you could never miss it. You’ll need a towering voice that’ll get the attention of your audience as soon as the voice actor starts speaking.

Info for Bully voice Voice-overs

A bully is a browbeating and a blustering person who habitually pick on vulnerable people. Bullies use abusive language to establish authority. Your voice actor needs to know how to seamlessly incorporate threats and insults in their performance. The context should determine what kind of bully voice to perform. As you know, a school bully cannot be the same as a workplace bully.

When can you use a Bully voice over?

The audiences for bully voices aren’t limited because we encounter them virtually everywhere. The key to effective audience targeting is to set the scene with your project. For instance, if you want to showcase a
school bully, you should let kids perform to make it relatable and relevant. Bully voices can be used to target children, teenagers, youths, as well as adults.

What makes the perfect Bully voice?

A bully voice should be aggressive, threatening, towering, and authoritative. It should also be abusive because this is the language bullies understand best. Most bullies use people’s physique to make them feel inferior. For instance, if they’re picking on a small-bodied person, they’ll make it the center of each interaction.