Bum Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Bum voice for your voice over project.

Bum voices have a down and out quality to them. Do you have a friend who is always asking if they can have your leftover food? Or maybe you’ve interacted with people who are always asking if they can have the clothes you no longer wear. A person can bum anything from food, loose change, clothes, old furniture, old electronics, the list is endless. Bum voices are usually humble and inferior because they’re asking for someone they perceive you no longer have use for.

Info for Bum voice Voice-overs

“Can I help you finish the food on your plate?” This should be a familiar phrase because we interact with bum voices everywhere. It could be at a restaurant, in school, even at the office. These characters serve as
comic relief to projects because they’re too underwhelming to be the main protagonist. When you’re casting bum voices, you want to make sure they’re as underwhelming and second-rated as possible.

When can you use a Bum voice over?

You can target all audiences with bum voices because they’ll know what you’re talking about exactly. These voices make you feel like something ugly is crawling under your skin, and that is why they will make your project impactful.

What makes the perfect Bum voice?

Bum voices are characterized by nonchalance and a disturbing humility that makes you feel pity for the person who is speaking. Bums are associated with poor quality, homelessness, unpredictable behaviour,
inconsistency, dissatisfaction, begging, roaming and inferiority.