Butler Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Butler voice for your voice over project.

Your message, video production or an ad involves high society, mansions and big or special private parties. But what are those without a presence of a butler or butler voices?

Info for Butler voice Voice-overs

Strictly defined, a butler is the title of an official of high rank nominally connected with the importation and supply of wine for the royal table. But as the time passed, the role of a butler widened and butlers were emplyed in the service of more and more wealthy people, not only the royals. Their role widened to include being the head servant in a household who is usually in charge of food service, the care of silverware, and the deportment of the other servants. In fictional situations, he is also often the person opening the door and bringing in the guests.

When can you use a Butler voice over?

Any movie audience that has to get an immpression of a wealthy, or pretending to be wealthy estate, will expect to see the presence of a butler in the production. Sometimes, their role goes beyond brief support, like in comedy like "Trading Places" or a dramatic production like Robert Altman's "Gosford Park." Any audience that is to get the impression of and aristocratic, or high-class lifestyle, particularly in historic context, would at some point expect to see the presence of a butler or hear butler voices.

What makes the perfect Butler voice?

The institution of a butler, was introduced in Normandy part of France, but became most widespread in England. For that reason a butler voice usually speaks with an aristocratic tone and certainly with a clear, well-accentuated British accent.