Carnival Barker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Carnival Barker voice for your voice over project.

STEP RIGHT UP, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND GET YOUR CARNIVAL BARKER VOICE RIGHT HERE! If you are creating a carnival scene as the set point for an action, thriller or comedy sequence, the carnival barker is the piece that will complete the energy of this scene.

Info for Carnival Barker voice Voice-overs

Announcements, invitations and general buzz creating is the role of a carnival barker who has the energy and charisma to help create a fun and enchanting environment for famiilies looking to have an afternoon of fun. With noticeable calls such as "Step right up!" or "Win a prize!" the carnival barker helps everyone to get into the spirit of the place.

When can you use a Carnival Barker voice over?

The audience benefits from the change of energy that a carnival baker voice adds in terms of setting the scene. Depending on the genre of the piece [think evil clown terrorising people from It or the dancing and singing from Grease] the carnival barker can lend a sense of merriment or even add to the terror by virtue of contrast.

What makes the perfect Carnival Barker voice?

The Carnival Barker is a bold and friendly voice, filled with charisma and the kind of magnetic energy needed to vibe the crowd and increase the positive energy in the space. It is a tireless voice that is inviting in every way and has a depth and resonance to it that adds to the fun!