Celebrity Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Celebrity voice for your voice over project.

A celebrity is someone whose life is in the public eye. They are famous people, especially in the entertainment sector. Each celebrity needs a distinct voice to stand out from the rest. When you’re casting a celebrity voice, you need to work with a buoyant personality. Because the public looks up to celebrities, they must control the image they put out there. The voice plays a huge role in determining how people perceive you.

Info for Celebrity voice Voice-overs

There are two ways to approach a project that needs a celebrity voice. You can either work with a known celebrity or create a celebrity persona for your project. With a known celebrity, what you can explore is limited because they have lines they cannot cross. However, with a fictional character, you’re allowed as much flexibility as you need to make the project successful. The task, however, is to use voice to help build a personality people can relate with.

When can you use a Celebrity voice over?

The audience for a celebrity voice in the public eye. You can target every audience out there with a celebrity voice as long as the content is relatable. You can even target celebrities themselves as long as you have the right course. Celebrity voices can be used to address the struggles celebrities go through to put up a game face every waking moment of their lives.

What makes the perfect Celebrity voice?

A celebrity voice is characterized by charisma in order to connect with the public; you have to be approachable. However, don’t come up with an easy-going personality because even celebrities have the right to say no.