Comedian Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Comedian voice for your voice over project.

Laughing may not always be a direct consequence of comedian voices, but who is going to lie and say they do not immediately start to chuckle when they hear Gilbert Gottfried’s high-pitched shrill voice fill up a room?

Info for Comedian voice Voice-overs

It’s never about telling a funny joke, but rather how you say it. Yes, some voices are universally humorous, but don't you just love it when the comedian voice accompanies a funny statement? It separates the humor from the boring, and makes the boring seem funny.

When can you use a Comedian voice over?

Commercials, audiobooks, narrations, demos, romantic comedies, sitcoms… There is no end to the use of comedian voices. Having a funny commercial or a demo makes your product more memorable, because let's face it; who doesn't appreciate a good laugh?

What makes the perfect Comedian voice?

From an exaggerated shrill voice to a deep manly voice, comedian voices are as versatile as they come. They can take a variety of tones and voices, all with the intention of making the audience laugh. It can be stupid, squeaky, wacky; as long as it is used for a comedic effect. As far as voices go, comedian voices are one of the few that gives you the freedom to build your own persona; as long as you're funny!

Other info for Comedian voice overs

Comedy is mostly dependent on the joke's setting, the audience, and how the punchline is set up. You only have to master one voice (or several) and find a way to make them funny.