Construction Worker Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Construction Worker voice for your voice over project.

Gritty, hard-working and spending his time in any type of whether conditions, running from one extreme to another. Want to have all these elements heard in your vocal characterizations? Time i to engage construction worker voices.

Info for Construction Worker voice Voice-overs

Doing construction work is hard and physically very engaging and demands both physical and mental endurance. At the same time it is considered as very honest and straightforward work. That is exactly the character that is connected with construction workers and their voices. At the same time they speak of hardship and hard manual work but also about honest and straightforward talk that minces no words. In mot cases these are also the vocal characteristics connected with consttruction workers.

When can you use a Construction Worker voice over?

While the first connection of a potential audience for construction worker voices would be building and construction industry. The work ethic and what are considered personal characteristics of construction workers, quite broaden the possible audience for such a voice. When an audience expects a straightforward, honest expression that doesn't mingle words or speaks in metaphors, there is a good potential to use construction worker voices.

What makes the perfect Construction Worker voice?

Since most construction workers are male, so are the characteristics of such voices conected with those of males. The vocal age can vary, but they usually have a seasoned, experienced, even rugged quality to them, as if they were uder the influence of extreme weather conditions. They speak in traightforward, uncomplicated terms that exude honesty and hard work at every point. If a female construction worker is in question, the vocal qualities are quite similar to male ones.