Creep Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Creep voice for your voice over project.

Creepy weeps to sheet white frights, characters of nightmares take form with inappropriate pleasantness and peculiar sniggers. From the refined and subtle Hannibal Lecter, to the full-blown ominous It, creep voices crawl under skins and make hairs stand. Hire our professionally diabolical voice actors to unsettle your audience today!

Info for Creep voice Voice-overs

Can you hear a sinister smile? From a next-door neighbor to stereotypical characters such as undertakers, clowns, or taxidermists, creep voices can take many vocal forms. Other times, you just can't quite put your finger on why the voice unsettles and unhinges you. Whatever the level of creepiness you're trying to achieve, engaging the right creep voice is crucial in making or breaking the overall plot of your story.

When can you use a Creep voice over?

Are you looking to etch a lasting impression into your ad listeners' minds? Try an unconventional marketing strategy with creep voices. Mostly geared towards teens and young adults looking for a thrill, creep voices bring villains to life in movie voice overs, audiobooks, ads, and even videos. Lurid and distastefully portraying evil, grasp your listener's attention with our eerie creep voices.

What makes the perfect Creep voice?

Overly emotional or utterly void of all humanity, creep voices narrate dialogues with inappropriate tones, deliberate enunciation, and intentional slowness. Vocals are sometimes vivified by awful non-linear sound effects like echoes or screams that extend beyond regular human vocal capabilities. Other times, they can sound reedy, deep, guttural, or crackly. Little girl singing or a bellowing ghost, our professional creep voices are sure to wring fear out of your listeners.