Damsel In Distress Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Damsel In Distress voice for your voice over project.

From Cinderella and her glass slipper to Snow White and the seven dwarfs, fairy tales have been narrated to all of us in one way or the other since we were babies. The stories of the damsel, swept off her feet with the charming prince is the basis of every romantic movie. Is it cheesy? Yes! Do we love it? Absolutely! And the damsel in distress voices complete the whole picture.

Info for Damsel In Distress voice Voice-overs

She’s a lady in need of saving. She's lonely, absolutely beautiful, has a damsel in distress voice, and is in some sort of trouble. The character is usually defenceless, bored, and with a trait that makes it impossible to find love, till a prince sweeps her off her feet. Maybe it’s their astounding beauty or the innocence in their tone but when a lady uses this voice, your heart automatically goes out to her.

When can you use a Damsel In Distress voice over?

Most Disney princesses have a damsel in distress voice. It is perfect for cartoons, animations, and romantic comedies. This voice is often accompanied by melodrama on the princess part and bravery for the prince. 4

What makes the perfect Damsel In Distress voice?

It is pure, melodic, a bit high-pitched, but who cares? We've come to identify this voice with royalty. You can hear the cry for help in the damsel in distress voice, and even when you know it's not your job to save her, you can't help but try.

Other info for Damsel In Distress voice overs

Even though the damsel in distress voice is attached to princesses, it’s not uncommon for an evil character to adopt it with the aim of tricking the hero.