Demon Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Demon voice for your voice over project.

Remember watching 'The Shining', or 'The Exorcist"? How you clutched your pillow in fear with involuntary shrieks escaping your mouth. Yes, the demon voices were on the screen, but they followed you everywhere you went.

Info for Demon voice Voice-overs

They are creepy, frightening, and from a mysterious supernatural creature. They reek of evil and wickedness, and for some reason, you can't help but be frightened, and very disturbed.

When can you use a Demon voice over?

You only need the right voice to bring your spooky character to life. Demon voices are perfect for Halloween stories, scary audiobooks, thrillers, and horror movies. You could also use these voices as part of your Halloween decorations or to tell terrifying campfire stories. Magicians, seers, and fortune tellers have often used this voice to create a mysterious and petrifying environment that is useful for their craft.

What makes the perfect Demon voice?

It is a spooky and evil voice from another world mostly used by wicked antagonists and anti-heroes. The high pitched and distorted tone of demon voices is designed to bring a frightening and unnerving feeling that is shadowy and mysterious.

Other info for Demon voice overs

In the new age characterization of films and movies, characters like vampires and werewolves have been portrayed in a new light. They don't all have to be evil. This has led to demon voices being used for heroes in thrillers and even the lead protagonists. However, demons have always been associated with the devil, and being that he is the manifestation and representation of evil, the voice is highly effective for them.