Detective Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Detective voice for your voice over project.

Good cop, bad cop. Detective voices are always playing some kind of game in an attempt to solve the case. These voices have a way of making you trust the speaker. Detective voices can be threatening, giving you ultimatums and trying to get you to sign deals, but these voices are certainly captivating and will draw the audience into the drama.

Info for Detective voice Voice-overs

They ask tough questions, and when they don’t get the answers, detectives become real mean. Detective voices take control of the situation, by force if necessary. These voices stablish authority in the room, always calm and controlled; as long as you cooperate.

When can you use a Detective voice over?

Detective voices are perfect for detective fiction (especially hard-boiled detective fiction). Hard-boiled detective fiction in summary is fiction that involves two types of people, one is led by a moral code while the other one is trapped in the world of corruption. It is where the detective uses brute force rather than intellect to solve the crime. And the detective in most cases is the narrator. These voices also go well with action-based video games and crime fiction audio books.

What makes the perfect Detective voice?

Detective voices have authority. They are stern and give the listener no option but to listen to and heed the instructions. These are the voices used to execute the justice of the law, the voices that catch the bad guys. It is up to them to ask the right questions, to do the right thing. Detectives don't rush over their words. They are calm and each word is deliberately pronounced and well-enunciated.