Devil Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Devil voice for your voice over project.

As the root of evil in Christian belief, devil voices are ominous, sinister, and terrifying. Just the name devil is enough to curl your blood. The voice of said spirit is sure to affect the darkest recesses of the human psyche. Said to convince the listener to do horrible, terrible things, the devil’s voice is insidiously beguiling.

Info for Devil voice Voice-overs

Devil voices aren’t the type of vocal style you use for ordinary projects. Ideal for stories that dabble on magic and religion, this kind of tone of voice would be perfect. But it certainly isn’t something easily mimicked without the help of a professional voice actor. If you plan to use it for your script, you need the right talent with the vocal range for a perfect demonic vocal performance.

When can you use a Devil voice over?

The menacing tone of devil voices is ideal for scripts with darker elements. It’s also often used for voicing over characters in fantasy and supernatural stories. If the project has something to do with the demonic – movies, audiobooks, and the like – this vocal tone is ideal. You can also use it when producing promos and ads for a haunted house, video games, and similar projects. If it’s anything diabolical, a talented voice actor can craft the tempting voice of a devil for you.

What makes the perfect Devil voice?

There is a sly quality to devil voices. It’s not high-pitched, but low, although not a whisper. It can be deep and resonant, but not the pleasant kind of tone. The voice of a devil may also have an echoing quality, hollow as if it comes from a grave. It can also be somehow sweet, that even though it’s menacing, the listener can’t help but be captivated.