DJ Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect DJ voice for your voice over project.

Disc jockeys (DJs) are people who play recorded music for audiences. Common types of DJ include radio DJs, music festival DJs, club DJs, mobile DJs, and private event DJs. A professional disc jockey can be all of the above because it’s all about mastering the audience and the kind of music they need. Even though DJs play music, they also need to use their voices to connect with the audience. Nevertheless, they can act as MCs at functions like birthday parties and wedding ceremonies.

Info for DJ voice Voice-overs

DJing was not a mainstream profession until recently. Technology has allowed people to pursue their dreams and monetize their talents. That is why we now have comedians, bloggers, poets, and so many other artists making a living by practising their talents. A DJ voice is quite distinct because it’s main purpose is to maintain the mood of a party. DJs need to be well conversant with the moods of different events. For instance, a DJ cannot use a night club playlist at a wedding.

When can you use a DJ voice over?

The audiences for a DJ voice are as diverse as the music genres they play. The kind of audience you’re targeting determines the DJ’s voice to cast. The music you’ll play on your project will also determine when a DJ can speak, and what they can say.

What makes the perfect DJ voice?

A DJ voice should be hype because they’re hired to keep the crowd entertained. There will be instances when they sing along to popular songs and encourage the crowd to do the same.