Drill Sergeant Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Drill Sergeant voice for your voice over project.

If it is the brash and authorative sound of someone who is in charge and knows it, then the drill sergeant voice is what you are looking for.

Info for Drill Sergeant voice Voice-overs

There is a war on and if someone makes a mistake people will die. This tends to be the background motivation for an elder man whose job it is to get these wet-behind-the-ears recruits into shape. All-night exercise and creative punishments are his thing but this is all backed up by the drill sergeant voice which lets you know from the very first barking sound that this is not someone to be messed with.

When can you use a Drill Sergeant voice over?

The drill sergeant might be an adversary the hearo has to survive or it might be a deep caring man who has seen it all and knows the stakes but either way the audience appreciates the authority of the voice that will lead the protagonist to greater discipline and an understanding of the seriousness of the moment.

What makes the perfect Drill Sergeant voice?

The drill sergeant voice is always loud and bold, usually shouting and typically filled with politically incorrect insult to remind those watching that he hearkens from a bygone era. While the audience may not be warm to this character per say, they will realise the vital roll that he plays and watch with fascination as the transformation starts to take palce.

Other info for Drill Sergeant voice overs

If anyone owned a role so emphatically it would be Ronald Lee Emery who starred as Gunner Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.