Drunk Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Drunk voice for your voice over project.

They are loud and incoherent, staggered and slurred. Drunk voices are perfect for those characters that lacks any filters in their speech. These voices are self-expressive and have an aura of confidence that will certainly get the attention of your audience.

Info for Drunk voice Voice-overs

There is more to it than just slurring your words and making inaudible sounds. Drunk voices can make you fear your surroundings and worry for your safety. At the same time, they can be one of the best voices to listen to when used to deliver songs in a jovial setting.

When can you use a Drunk voice over?

Drunk voices are frequently used to convey a sense of irresponsibility and unreliability as far as being a productive member of society. These are the voices you hear in movies, shows, and infomercials where issues of substance abuse and certain types of violence are concerned.

What makes the perfect Drunk voice?

We tend to think of bad memories or bad situations when we hear the drunk voice. This voice is associated with a lack of responsibility and the inability to make correct decisions. It is can be loud and slurred; this brings a strong sense of incoherence almost as if someone is trying to force you to listen to what they have to say. Drunk voices are also associated with social abrasive situations that have little to no positive outcomes.

Other info for Drunk voice overs

The drunk voice can also be used to portray a sense of self confidence that would not normally exist. When singing karaoke, for instance, the loudest and most confident voice is often the drunk voice. This voice can also be used is a measured manner to imitate a drunk character in a comedic way.