Dude Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dude voice for your voice over project.

Are you looking for a voice that's laid-back, affable, and has that instant "bro" appeal? Then take a look at these dude voices and chill, man!

Info for Dude voice Voice-overs

Dudes, bros, jocks, hippies, or just laid-back, casual, friendly people with a mellow attitude and a devil-may-care approach to life. If your script calls for the perfect easy-going personality that will bring a dose of levity and relaxation to your story, then you've got to go with dude voices. Whether a character is a surf junkie or a lifelong slacker who likes chilling while wearinng sandals and a nightgown and drinking white russians, then these reads are perfect for you.

When can you use a Dude voice over?

Film, video games, animation, and audiobooks have their fair share of dudebro types who just want to hang out and enjoy the finer things in life, man. Villanous jocks who take their physicality too seriously and mock the nerdy, unathletic protagonist, the surfer bros who just want to catch the next big wave, skaters who want to become the next Tony Hawk; there's an endless parade of awesome potential dude voices out there. Ads also have their fair share of dudes, not to leave out Jeff Bridges, who recently brought back his "The Dude" character and traded in his trademark white russian for a Stella Artois in a memorable Superbowl ad.

What makes the perfect Dude voice?

Mellow, unhurried, and with a healthy dose of "whoa." The mellow, relaxed diction of dude voices may take a little while longer to get to the point, but it's all about the journey, not the destination, man.