Dwarf Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dwarf voice for your voice over project.

Looking for a voice to make you Happy [or Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful or Sneezy?] - look no further than a dwarf voice complementing the dwarf you will find it in. Dwarves have been bringing delight to the big screen for decades and while they only appear in a small set of genre films they always leave their mark.

Info for Dwarf voice Voice-overs

Whether it's the jolly singing dwarves of The Snow White story or the slightly more serious dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, dwarves have a way of winning themselves into your heart. What they lack in size the dwarf voice more than makes up for in depth and growl and raucous laugh. Dwarves, although serious when it comes to a fight, love to have fun and especially enjoy a good party and a hefty drink.

When can you use a Dwarf voice over?

Dwarves tend to win the audience over quite quickly. There is something trustworthy and comforting about having a dwarf or two in the party as they tend to wear their loyalty on their sleeves and speak words like 'Honour' to show what values they hold dear. Both their laugher and grumbling tends to hold the audience close and a strong bond tends to form quite quickly.

What makes the perfect Dwarf voice?

Rough and coarse and loud and with much emphasis. What a dwarf lacks in stature it makes up in letting itself be heard, especially when there are usually a lot of other dwarves in the vicinity to compete with. A drawf voice is unmistakeable, especially when backed up by the threat of an axe.