Elderly Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Elderly voice for your voice over project.

With elderly voices, you can either get the grumpy old grandpa that shouts daily at the kids who play on his yard. Or you can get the sweet grandma who bakes pies and knits sweaters all day long. Elderly voices can be comforting, wise, and they can give the audience a sense of nostalgia.

Info for Elderly voice Voice-overs

As one gets older the vocal cords become drier and they vibrate at a lower speed, making them sound hoarse, crackly, and fragile to the ear. But even when elderly voices sound faint, they still hold so much conviction. There is a certain kind of wisdom that comes with age, and you can hear it in an elderly voice.

When can you use a Elderly voice over?

If you market your products or services to senior citizens, you can use elderly voices to make your content sound relatable and trustworthy. These voices are also perfect for audiobook and documentary narrations. The old wise character in animations and video games always has a trick up their sleeve, a huge secret that they have been carrying for years, and sometimes, the old character is usually the villain. There is no limit when it comes to use of elderly voices; you can even use these voices to sell insurance. Get creative with your script and give your audience a passionate, wise, and nostalgic performance.

What makes the perfect Elderly voice?

Elderly voices can have a rough tone that’s pleasing to the ear. These voices can also be used in a cautionary manner, and yes, it is also possible for elderly voices to sound youthful and fun. If you are doing an elderly voice, make sure you stay hydrated to avoid sounding horse and breathy.