Elf Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Elf voice for your voice over project.

Ethereal and magical or maybe silly and high pitched, elf voices can make your audio or voiceover piece magical. Come to us for just the right elf voice; we've got them all.

Info for Elf voice Voice-overs

You may have a delicate, whimsical elf like the beautiful ones in The Lord of the Rings, or one like a Keebler elf baking away those yummy cookies. Don't forget Santa's elves, either, those old souls with the voices of children. Whichever elf voice your piece needs, we've got one for you and you'll have that magical charm you need.

When can you use a Elf voice over?

Elf voices appeal to a wide range of audiences. The fantasy crowd loves them due to The Lord of the Rings franchise and the ethereal, dreamy elves that reign there. These elf voices would work for any fantasy piece you have. When you want to focus on something holdiay themed, your audience will respond well to the Christmas elf, and don't forget Buddy the Elf, who doesn't love him! Of course, you can also incorporate elf voices into anything on the magical side, from bedtime stories to animated films and videogames. All ages love elves, so just find the right voice and you'll be all set.

What makes the perfect Elf voice?

Elf voices actually have quite a big range. We have the magical, soft spoken elves from The Lord of the Rings, and the silly, busy, baking elves. Elf voices can be mystical, fun, enchanting, busy, shy, or elegant. They sound human but may have a subtle lilt or tone that sets them apart. After all, they are magic.