Everyman Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Everyman voice for your voice over project.

Do you need a voice that just says "I'm a regular guy?" Hey, Average Joes also have a place of honor in media, and if you're looking for the perfect guy-next-door read, you've come to the right place.

Info for Everyman voice Voice-overs

Sometimes, it's not about caped crusaders swooping in and saving the day. There are times when your script calls from a relatable personality that's more confortable behind a white pickett fence than getting into dangerous or outlandish situations. Everyman voices are all about the common guys who don't cause a ruckus or raise a fuss wherever they go. Hey, sometimes you need that perfect "I'm just a regular guy" voice. Whether you're voicing characters that are standing in wonder at the hero's antics, or Joe-Schmoes who got in way, way over their head, our great cast of actors has your back.

When can you use a Everyman voice over?

Who says there's no room for the average dude anymore? Film, TV, animation, and video games have had their share of everyman voices, that's for sure. Whether it's the protagonist's best friend who serves as a way to tether them to the world of normal people while they delve into some paranormal mystery, or guys like John McClane from Die Hard who are having a very, very bad day, sounding like a regular person is a great way to make characters relatable. Everyman voices are great for advertising as well — who doesn't trust a normal, everyday person extoling the virtues of a product?

What makes the perfect Everyman voice?

Flashy? No. Getting the job done? Definitely. Everyman voices are unassuming, low-key, and absolutely relatable.