Evil Queen Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Evil Queen voice for your voice over project.

Oh, evil queen voices are laced with jealousy, entitlement, and vengeance. From Snow White's evil queen to Queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, we know this voice well. When your project needs the voice of an evil queen, we've got you covered. We love to hate them, use it well!

Info for Evil Queen voice Voice-overs

Evil queen voices are, well, evil. They spew hatred and selfishness. They want what someone else has and have a miserable vibe that you can't ignore. They're voices may not be as beautiful as they themselves are, and the voice is often what gives their evilness away. No matter what they say, it's ugly. Their complements are laced with nasty undertones, and their promises are false. But when you hear the voice of the evil queen, you get all of this right away.

When can you use a Evil Queen voice over?

Evil queen voices are perfect for animated films and video games. You may want this voice in an audiobook, maybe even a children's book if you keep it on the tamer side. After all, the audience loves the hateful vibe in the evil queen's voice, but be careful it doesn't scare your small fans. She's a nasty character.

What makes the perfect Evil Queen voice?

Evil queen voices can make the audience shudder. Her sharp tones and audible sneers fill her voice, making it as ugly as her soul. There's always a meddling or conniving undertone, and you can never trust her. She's bossy and hateful, aand her voice has to portray this.

Other info for Evil Queen voice overs

This queen has some class, but she's still hateful and evil. She looks down on everyone and always feels she's never appreciated. Let all of this shine through in her voice, and your work will be done. Her evilness will be apparent.