Fairy Godmother Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Fairy Godmother voice for your voice over project.

Fairy godmother voices represent magical, helpful, posh character that turn maids into princesses. Fairy godmothers are like guardian angels that show up exactly when you need them too, and always with a magical solution to all your problems.

Info for Fairy Godmother voice Voice-overs

Every fairy tale has an unsung hero, a wise lady with a fairy godmother voice who makes it all happen. The inclusion of a little bit of magic and motherly advice to a distressed situation is important because it gives the audience something to believe in; something to connect to. The experience and helpfulness of the fairy godmother is fully accentuated by her voice.

When can you use a Fairy Godmother voice over?

Children's stories, especially fairy tales, would be incomplete without the fairy godmother voices. They can also be used in plays, films, movies, audiobooks, and fairy-tale narrations.

What makes the perfect Fairy Godmother voice?

A magical, jovial voice that crackles, and you can immediately tell it's wise and knowledgeable. The fairy godmother voice is soft and piercing, mostly of an old woman seeking to help a younger lady, who has no one they can count on. It is almost joyful and comes at a time when there's no joy to be experienced.

Other info for Fairy Godmother voice overs

The fairy godmother voice is more than the magic we all associate the character with. A voice of experience guiding a distraught and scared maiden when she has no one to turn to. It is the voice of wisdom and love...the kind you get from a wise grandmother.