Fighter Pilot Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Fighter Pilot voice for your voice over project.

“Mayday! Mayday!”
What goes through your mind when you hear these words? That’s right; fighter pilot voices. A call of distress from a country’s heroes that are in enemy lines trying to protect their motherland.

Info for Fighter Pilot voice Voice-overs

These voices are confident and motivated when in a normal situation, but they can also be daring and slightly frightened when in distress. The fighter pilot voices, given that they are always voiced through a mask, may sound distorted and a little unclear. These voices are also serious, gritty, do not take any crap, and cut directly to the chase.

When can you use a Fighter Pilot voice over?

You can experience fighter pilot voices in movies and film, but these brave voices can also be seen in advertising and commercials. You’ll also find video game characters with hard-core fighter pilot voices, dedicated to the mission and determined to win. Audio narrations and audiobooks that feature fighter pilots also use these voices to bring the character to life.

What makes the perfect Fighter Pilot voice?

Since fighter pilots are part of an army, military language and jargon are often used with the voice. These voices are intense, demonstrate courage, self-sacrifice, and love for their country. Confidence, control, and adherence to instruction are the other military characteristics that should be displayed in the voice. Fighter pilots can be reckless, brave, and wild, taking risks even when it's unnecessary, or calm, stoic and composed, following orders as given.

Other info for Fighter Pilot voice overs

These voices are used to create tension in film and animations. When you hear fighter pilot voices, you already know something is about to go down.