Flirt Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Flirt voice for your voice over project.

A flirt voice can be used to deliver an enticing read for an erotic novel. Flirt voices are playful, light, and sensual. The intention behind using a flirt voice is to capture the attention of your audience. Flirt voice is what we hear when someone expresses their sexual attraction towards us. It is using your voice to present what you perceive as the most attractive bits of yourself. Note that you don’t have to talk sexually when using a flirt voice. You can speak about anything in a flirt voice, and your target audience will get the message.

Info for Flirt voice Voice-overs

Casting a flirty character in an audio project is easy because people flirt with their voices. Body language only reinforces what you are doing with your voice. Make sure your voice actor can depict confidence,
desires and sweetness all at once. To flirt is to communicate that you’re confident enough to make a move.

When can you use a Flirt voice over?

A flit voice targets an audience that would respond positively to your advances. Remember, flirt voices are not only restricted to potential sexual partners. Business owners can also use flirt voices to market their
products and services. Make sure the voice actor mixes up their tones throughout the entire recording. The wrong use of your tone can easily make your message sound boring and monotonous.

What makes the perfect Flirt voice?

A flirt voice should be diverse and sweet. You need to keep the message interesting throughout the recording by changing up vocal ranges.