Game Show Host Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Game Show Host voice for your voice over project.

They are sometimes big and booming and usually welcoming and jovial. Maybe even a touch condescending now and then or maybe filled with adult double entendres. Game show host voices are the stuff satires are made of, and how can you just not love them?

Info for Game Show Host voice Voice-overs

Think of The Price is Right, Family Feud, Match Game, and, of course, Jeopardy. When you mention game shows, we all have a host we picture and hear. When your project calls for game show host voices, don't skimp and try to use something else. This is a great stand out voice and can be the key to the success of your project.

When can you use a Game Show Host voice over?

Game show hosts aren't just on TV, they fill audio, too. Think about some podcasts, like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. The hosts' voices are comical, cynical, a bit self depracating, maybe condescending, yet welcoming and friendly at the same time. Audiences love these voices for game shows or podcasts, or even audiobooks or video games. The audience loves to be on the inside with the host as they listen to the banter with the contestants. This is certainly a fun voice, so have fun with it so your audicence can, too.

What makes the perfect Game Show Host voice?

As me mentioned, game show host voices are often big and bold. They may be condescending (think Alex Trebak in his lovable way) or funny like Peter Sagal, the self depracating nerd, or classic, like Bill Kurtis with his deep, loud voice. Whichever type of game show host voice you find, each one should be clear and easy to understand. They should have good grammar and speak intellegently. Though we hear more male game show host voices, don't leave out the women; they make great hosts, too.