Gangster Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Gangster voice for your voice over project.

Booming and loud, with words sometimes you don’t understand, gangster voices are scary but not in the sense of horror. It’s the type of voice that makes you want to run with your tail between your legs. Not that you are a coward, but the people who own this voice are not one to you should cross.

Info for Gangster voice Voice-overs

Does your project have to do with gangsters and the mob? Is it perhaps a movie production or maybe a video game? Whatever kind of script it is, you need a skilled voice actor. It isn’t like you can hire a real gangster to voice your project, after all. But with the experience and skills of a master voice actor, gangster voices are easy peasy. The best talents can mimic a south LA gangster’s voice. They can take the role of a mobster from New York. No matter what role, they can sure build it for you.

When can you use a Gangster voice over?

Among the projects that can use gangster voices are character demos, animation, cartoons, video games, films, and audiobooks. You may use this vocal style for advertising for humorous purposes or unless it’s catered for mobs. Whichever the case, this tone of voice is quite intriguing that listeners will stop and listen.

What makes the perfect Gangster voice?

Gangster voices are varied. How they sound like depends on the type of gang, as some tend to gruff and tough. Others seem elegant in the way they sound and dress. Street gangsters typically sound husky. Their voices are gritty as if they used their voices too much. But no matter how their tone of voice is, there is weight in every word they say.