Geek Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Geek voice for your voice over project.

A geek is a person who is genuinely interested in and obsessed with intellectual pursuits. Geeks are perceived to be overly intellectual and socially awkward because they spend so much time learning. A
geek voice should not be mainstream because geeks hardly interact with people around them. Some might even say that they’re boring and unfashionable. However, when geeks are interacting, I bet they see nothing peculiar about how they live.

Info for Geek voice Voice-overs

When casting a geek voice, you need a voice actor who knows too much about random stuff. A geek voice needs to be intellectual above everything else. Most geeks are shy as well because they hardly put themselves in social setups. You can also have a geek who knows how to interact because their friends made it easy. Establish the kind of geek voice you want to cast, so you have an easy time identifying the kind of voice talent you need.

When can you use a Geek voice over?

You can only target geeks with a geek voice because they will relate. Are you starting a conversation surrounding computer-related topics? Or maybe you’re addressing a technical subject that only selected few can understand? Why not use a geek voice to get the attention of an interested audience?

What makes the perfect Geek voice?

A geek voice is characterized by crackling, a high-pitch, and most importantly, intellect. You can cast an awkward and shy geek voice, or an over-confident and arrogant geek voice depending on your objective.