Generation X Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Generation X voice for your voice over project.

“During our time…” We have all heard (and hated) our parents start this speech. Being a generation that experienced the world-changing from what it was into what it is now, generation X voices are informative and knowledgeable, but also condescending, often disapproving and judgemental.

Info for Generation X voice Voice-overs

They are the voices of people born from the late 60s to the early 70s. Having lived through the technological, political and social changes that make the world tick right now, this generation has many stories to tell, often with hidden encouraging messages. You can hate the Generation X voices, but you can also count on them for advice and guidance.

When can you use a Generation X voice over?

Given their life experience and their open mind for their time, the boomers have great life lessons and knowledge that they would share. They have a way of expressing their ideas that also creates an image in the audience's mind. This makes the generation X voices perfect for giving life talks and life advice. For these same qualities, the voice can also be used for podcasts, narrations, and documentaries to great effect.

What makes the perfect Generation X voice?

A straightforward, witty, and measured voice that is experienced and professional or tired and disenchanted. The generation X voice showcases an aging generation that can give life lessons, but believes that life should be lived their way.

Other info for Generation X voice overs

To pull off the generation X voices, you need to strike the perfect balance between being opinionated and informative. They are the voices adopted by parents, and a youthful voice just won't cut it.