Generation Y Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Generation Y voice for your voice over project.

They are the generation that grew up in the era of technological and informational freedom. You cannot silence the Generation Y voices. With the ability to influence and exchange ideas through social media and other platforms, this generation is knowledgeable and opinionated, and their voices reflects this.

Info for Generation Y voice Voice-overs

They are a well-versed generation that engages with matters of interest, including political, economic, and social matters. A rebellious attitude, especially to the ways of the former generation adds an argumentative trait to the voice; always seeking to prove the others wrong.

When can you use a Generation Y voice over?

Majority of the spending in today’s market is by this generation. Advertisements and commercials, especially on millennial related products, should use generation Y voices to appeal to this market segment. YouTube videos, podcasts, video games, radios, and documentaries can also use this voice since most of their users fall in this generation.

What makes the perfect Generation Y voice?

The Generation Y voices are conversational and engaging voices but can also be arrogant & entitled, or laid back and relaxed. These voices are opinionated, real, and honest but mostly in a relaxed, nonchalant, and non-confrontational way.

Other info for Generation Y voice overs

Millennials are a generation of vocal, chatty, and conversant people, always focused on correcting the previous generations' wrongs. They are politically educated & active and conscious of issues such as racial discrimination and gender disparity, always making for an interesting conversation. The best way to appeal to them is through the generation Y voice.