Ghoul Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ghoul voice for your voice over project.

This creepy voice will win over your fans of the supernatural and keep the scare in your audio. Ghouls voices can weave scary stories and make the skin crawl on anyone who hears them. Come to us for your ghoul voices, we know just where to find them.

Info for Ghoul voice Voice-overs

Maybe it's the deep, creepy laugh or the wicked words they speak, but ghoul voices can make anyone stop dead in their tracks with fear. Ghoul voices come from supernatural places and frighten us with their otherworldly tones. Whether your ghoul is narrating like the infamous Haunted Mansion ghosltly host or it's a character in your scary story, a great ghoul voice will make them that much scarier.

When can you use a Ghoul voice over?

Anyone who loves to be scared or loves supernatural beings will love your ghoul voices. From your Tokyo Ghoul fans to those of Disneyworld's Haunted Mansion, to those that love the ghoul in the Weasley's attic in Harry Potter and Fallout fans, there's a big, big audience for ghoul voices out there. This is a perfect voice to add to your ghoulish audio to make this half dead creatures come alive.

What makes the perfect Ghoul voice?

Ghoul voices are characteristically a lot like humans. But they may have that supernatural tendency, that subtle deadness to them, or even a bit of wicked humor. We see a lot of teenage ghouls in manga and anime, so these ghouls will sound like, well, teenagers. Ghoul voices can be deep and scary, wicked and terrifying, or simply pretty normal. Ghouls can be any gender or age, so thier voices will represent this, too.