Girl Next Door Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Girl Next Door voice for your voice over project.

Does your project call for a healthy dose of familiarity and down-home femenine charm? These girl next door voices are the ideal reads if you have a character that needs to sound sweet, affable, approachable, but not afraid to keep it real.

Info for Girl Next Door voice Voice-overs

There's a lot to be said for the wholesome allure of the stress-free, middle-class life. Girl next door voices embody that perfect 'aw shucks' happy-go-lucky mentality that's all about being friendly, open-hearted, and telling it to you straight. Whatever voice you need, whether it's a suburban teenager that responds with desbelief at her friends' antics, a go-getter that's super-focused on straight As and making it through college, or a take-no-BS anonymous hero that just won't have anyone bringing blowing smoke in her face or bringing all that hoopla into her perfect neighborhood, we've got you covered.

When can you use a Girl Next Door voice over?

Girl next door voices are a great way to target any demographic, male or female. These voices embody the trustworthy, down-to-earth vibe of a modest, uncomplicated existence, and thus tend to generate positive emotions in the audience. And, while they're generally played straight, no one said that a girl next door can't be a superhero. Characters like Buffy the Vampire slayer perfectly embody the trope while cleverly subverting it — hey, she may kill vampires, but she's still gotta ace those tests! Girls next door can be the one reliable thing in the middle of a storm, the straight person in a comedy routine, heroines, or anything in between, but if there's one thing they always are is a representation of the allure of a normal, simple, straightforward life.

What makes the perfect Girl Next Door voice?

Warm, friendly, to-the-point, with a pep in their step, and a charming, welcoming demeanor.