Gnome Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Gnome voice for your voice over project.

Are you looking for the perfect gnome voice to bring your fantasy project to life? Whether your project is calling for a funny take on garden gnomes or a more serious take for an RPG or fantasy short, we've got some excellent reads right here.

Info for Gnome voice Voice-overs

Gnomes are little, fantastical creatures that straddle the line between cute and rugged. While most people only hear about gnomes in gardens, or as other types of decoration, they are also an important part of classical fantasy stories. While they actually got their start during the Renaissance, they slowly acquired as much status as other mythical creatures, and are at home in novels, RPGs, and fairy tales.

When can you use a Gnome voice over?

What's a good fantasy story without a good gnome or two? Sure, you might have the occasional dwarf, but these smaller, mischievous hoarders deserve some time in the limelight too. Role playing games (RPGS) in general tend to use them as either disposable enemies, secondary or side characters, or occasionally as members of the main party. Films, animation, TV, and even YouTube videos have also made good use of gnome voices, as the enduring popularity of these wrinkly-faced characters seems to be immune to the passage of time. If you're thinking about using gnome voices for a funny character in your commercial, you can't go wrong!

What makes the perfect Gnome voice?

High-pitched, rugged, and slightly gravelly. Gnome voices mean to sound a lot tougher than they really are, but in the end they just tend to circle back to being adorable, and that's part of the appeal.