Grandfather Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Grandfather voice for your voice over project.

The soothing wise tones can provide instant warmth and comfort to us. But grandfather voices can also be filled with cynicism and worry from days gone by. Depending on which type of grandfather figure you have in your piece, we can set you up with just the right voice.

Info for Grandfather voice Voice-overs

Grandfather voices bring to mind gentle, caring men, maybe offering a Werther’s or a story from long ago. We also can hear bitterness or regret in these voices, but usually even in these, there’s an underlying softness, and maybe just a touch of loneliness. Maybe there’s not just one grandfather voice, he can be a varied character after all.

When can you use a Grandfather voice over?

You may want to use one of the grandfather voices in your commercials or advertising. The grandfather voice can also go with an older man who isn’t even a grandfather, but has those characteristics. He is an endearing character and often fits in nicely in a number of ways, whether he’s the supportive voice of reason or an annoying, antagonistical kind of guy. He’s also a great narrator for nostalgic pieces. This voice can take us back in time.

What makes the perfect Grandfather voice?

Whether your grandfather is the loving, gentle guy or the worrisome, complaining one, his voice will speak of years and stories. It’s probably raspy and may be filled with old fashioned phrases. This male voice could be deep and soft or higher pitched and could very well have a regional dialect that makes it even more realistic.

Other info for Grandfather voice overs

Remember, a grandfather voice can be gentle and reminiscent, like the grandfather in The Princess Bride or maybe scared and lonely which makes him sound mean as in Up. Grandfather voices can capture just the right tone to make your character shine.