Grumpy Old Man Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Grumpy Old Man voice for your voice over project.

Impatient, angry, and often cynical – grumpy old man voices are often like this. Frequently hot-headed and ready to blow a fuse at the slightest problem, you can’t help but avoid them. They’re always muttering and rambling, a tone of voice that’s never pleasing. For your script, only the best voice actor can deliver a cantankerous performance you’ll never forget!

Info for Grumpy Old Man voice Voice-overs

What do all bad-tempered old men have in common? That’s them saying, “You kids get off my lawn!” Grumpy old man voices are often bad neighbors – the kind who always seem to breathe down your neck. Often a stereotypical character in many stories, you may need this vocal style in your next project. Not an easy job, only skilled voice talents can deliver you a satisfying performance. Hire the right voice actor and enjoy listening to a fantastic voice acting routine.

When can you use a Grumpy Old Man voice over?

Grumpy old man voices play a typical role in projects like films and audiobooks. This vocal style may also work for videos on topics related to seniors. It works well for aggressive characters. Although rare, network promos, video game demos, commercials, and advertisements use this voice role too.

What makes the perfect Grumpy Old Man voice?

Irritable old men sound hoarse, their throats gravelly from yelling all the time. Grumpy old man voices are in high key, the sound vibrating, with the pitch high and rapid. With their unforgivable and stubborn personality, older men are petulant in anything out their expectations. Irritability shows up in their loud and overused voice, leading to a gruff accent that adds to their grumpiness.