Heckler Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Heckler voice for your voice over project.

Nobody likes a heckler; they always have something to say, and says it in an aggressive way. Heckler voices are condescending and are meant to make you second guess yourself. They are always whining about something, in that annoying heckler voice and your audience is guaranteed to notice them.

Info for Heckler voice Voice-overs

A heckler has one tool in their toolbox; a hammer; and they will keep pounding away until something cracks _ or until you shut them down. Their aim is to harass, and they do this by shouting disparaging comments and interrupting anyone who dares to speak in their presence. A snarky heckler with an attitude, an aggressive heckler that speaks with grit, or the high-energy extreme heckler that might just fight you _ take your pick, we have them all.

When can you use a Heckler voice over?

One thing is for sure, your audience will notice the heckler. Whether its in a radio spot, a TV commercial, or a character animation. A heckler voice will get their attention because it is loud and persistent. Political rallies almost always have hecklers planted somewhere in the crowd, and these hecklers almost always make it to the news. And don’t forget the hecklers that occasionally interrupt stand-up comedy sets.

What makes the perfect Heckler voice?

Always interrupting, always questioning, and always shouting something mean. The heckler voice is delivered with a heaping side of negativity, and an air of importance; this voice tries to make everyone else feel smaller in comparison. The heckler can be aggressive, and is a distinctive character in any story. The only way to win against a heckler voice is to take control of the situation.