Henchman Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Henchman voice for your voice over project.

Does your bad guy need some lowlives to help them carry out their nefarious plans? Our assortment of henchman voices is exactly what you need if your script calls for disposable help for the big bad.

Info for Henchman voice Voice-overs

Being a henchman may not be the most glamorous job in the universe, that's for sure, but someone's gotta do it! Oftentimes, a script requires a performance that says "I'm just part of the help here, but I'm not one of the good guys!" Villains often have many, many disposable henchmen at their sid who are ready to do their bidding if the price is right. From dumb thugs who couldn't find any other line of work, all the way up to intelligent, conniving right hands, our henchman voices can cover the full spectrum of accomplices!

When can you use a Henchman voice over?

Henchmen and accomplices are part and parcel of various works of fiction across media. Whether it's an animated movie or the latest-and-greatest Marvel extravaganza, bad men and women can plot and scheme all they want, but they need — ahem — willing associates that will carry out their plans and put in a big part of the actual legwork. From the assorted Joker thugs in Batman, to the foot soldiers of crime bosses in more grounded fare, there are plenty of henchman voices to cover the whole spectrum. One things for sure, though: these are not nice people!

What makes the perfect Henchman voice?

Gravelly, macho, accommodating of their bosse's every whim, and generally revelling in their own badness. When it's the time to cower in fear of either their angry boss or a caped crusader, you can bet they can shake with the best of them, though!