Hippie Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hippie voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for an endless sumeer of love? Then check out the mellow, no-worries style of our selection of hippie voices to let your freak flag fly!

Info for Hippie voice Voice-overs

Life is sometimes about slowing down and smelling the flowers, and no one knows it better than a bandana-donned, tie-dye shirt wearing, card-carrying hippie. Hippie voices run the whole gamut of relaxed, laid-back attitudes from outdoorsy young people who wish they could've seen Woodstock, to the old couple who are still living the van life with their dog and three cats. When you need the perfect "heeeey, man," look no further than what our awesome talent pool of actors and actresses has to offer.

When can you use a Hippie voice over?

Hippies have had a prominent place across many mediums. Films, video games, music videos, and animation have their fair share of Greatful-Dead-listening, chillaxed hippie types. Hippie voices rarely belong to protagonists, let's face it (unless your story is set in the 60s or 70s), but as friends, comic relif, or incidental, colorful characters, you can bet that they could even give the Dude a lesson or two in slowing down, man. Hippie characters are often the butt of the joke in ads as well, where colorful hippie imaginery and slang is used for comedic effect.

What makes the perfect Hippie voice?

Twang, slang, and relaxation. Hippie voices have a slow cadence, and a measured, unhurried drawl that's affable, friendly, and is all about enjoying life, man.