Hobbit Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hobbit voice for your voice over project.

We know and love him as a small human like character, who is inquisitive, likes his comforts, and has big hairy feet. This is a hobbit, of course, and if your piece is featuring a character like him, turn to our hobbit voices for a great selection.

Info for Hobbit voice Voice-overs

Hobbits are small and shy; they love their comforts and are peaceful beings. Their voice depicts these characteristics and to complete your whimsical character, you need one of our hobbit voices. They sound very similar to humans, but there's a subtle difference. If you have a hobbit in your piece, you are going to need someone to voice him; we can cetainly help, because who knows where else you'd find a hobbit!

When can you use a Hobbit voice over?

When you are creating something with a hobbit in it, you'll need a hobbit voice. You may have a hobbit character in your fantasy video game or in a fantasy film or other piece. Don't forget audiobooks, either, because the magical voice of a hobbit can bring this world to life.

What makes the perfect Hobbit voice?

The hobbit voice is very human. He may sound a bit more refined or gentle, and certainly doesn't like conflict, so you may hear some frustration or worry if things get displaced. You'll also hear some old English tendencies here, because hobbits have been around for many, many years. Remember, he's a kind, gentle guy, let the voice represent that.

Other info for Hobbit voice overs

Though we often don't hear female hobbits, they do exist, so don't be afraid to incorporate these fine women in your work, too. Just make sure they have lovely hobbit voices, too.