IT Guy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect IT Guy voice for your voice over project.

We have all interacted with an IT guy at one point or another. IT guy voices usually represent the many times we’ve had issues with our computers, and then IT guys came through for us.

IT guys have their language because they use so many abbreviations and terminologies in their tech conversations. You might even have to look some of them up to understand.

The audience you’re targeting determines the density of IT terminologies you can include. If your audience is the layman, you may want to make sure to use a language they can comprehend. However, if you’re targeting IT guys, your voice actor can go hard on the vocabulary.

Info for IT Guy voice Voice-overs

The kind of IT guy you’re casting determines if the voice will sound arrogant, confident, clueless, or doubtful. A know-it-all IT guy, for instance, will swoop in with overconfidence and arrogance. A geeky IT guy, on the other hand, is likely to be over cautious and perfectionist.

When can you use a IT Guy voice over?

Are you starting your own IT consultancy service? Then IT guy voices would help you reach your target audience. With IT guy voices, you can either target IT guys or people that need the services of IT guys. You can also use IT guy voices on ads and any promotions that you might be running.

What makes the perfect IT Guy voice?

IT guy voices are characterized by intellect, knowledge, and geekiness because all they do is fix the most convoluted tech issues.