Jerk Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Jerk voice for your voice over project.

There are characters out there that not even the best intentions can redeem. When your script calls for an aggressive, loudmouthed, straight-up bad guy, there's nothing like the perfect jerk voices to make them come alive just the way you want 'em.

Info for Jerk voice Voice-overs

Characters in stories come in all shapes and sizes, and jerks are definitely an integral part of any dramatic script. After all, if the world were all sunshine and rainbows not many stories would be interesting, right? As with anything in life, jerks serve as a counterpoint to the more straight-laced, morally righteous characters of a story. Whether it's goons impeding a main character's progress or villanous, smarmy types, jerks are always there putting a damper on even the sunniest summer day. A good jerk voice will bring out that aggressive, confrontational, bad-guy demeanor and have your audience wishing for main characters to give these jerks their just desserts. Thankfully, while our voice actors aren't jerks, they can play them with the best (or worst!) of 'em. Check out our awesome selection of jerk voices and find the ideal one for your project!

When can you use a Jerk voice over?

Audiences needs jerks to serve as a a mirror image of the morally superior protagonists. Or sometimes, it's the protagonist themselves who suffer from a big case of being a jerk. Whether you're crafting a dramatic script for a work of fiction that needs just the right jerk voices, or a commercial that has a character that audiences need to hate, we've got an option for every occasion.

What makes the perfect Jerk voice?

Generally high-strung, aggressive, confrontational, and just all-out bad. You wouldn't want to be friends with someone with a jerk voice, that's for sure.