Judge Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Judge voice for your voice over project.

Judge voices should echo impartiality as they interpret the meaning and implications of the law. Do you need an old school judge voice that doesn’t show emotions or an engaging one that entertains conversation? Whichever it is, the scrip should guide the voice actor to be just. Nowadays there are so many types of judges, so make sure your voice actor knows the role they’ll be playing.

Info for Judge voice Voice-overs

Judges are appointed or elected officials who conduct court proceedings. They should have an immense understanding of the law because their work is to interpret it and voice its implications. A judge voice should be more inclined to justice than to the interpretation of the law. Since they handle victims of injustice, they should be compassionate, but also be understanding of the defendant. Taking time to understand the position of both parties allows judges to announce a just verdict.

When can you use a Judge voice over?

A judge voice can be used in a formal or non-formal project. In the case of formal projects, you can target professionals in the field of law. However, non-formal projects can include a judge voice for entertainment.
I’m sure you’ve heard of reality shows held in courthouses. Such shows simplify the law, so laypeople have an easier time understanding its implications.

What makes the perfect Judge voice?

A judge voice should be firm, professional and resonant. Your voice actor should use impartial language, so it doesn’t seem like they are taking sides.